Reviews for "Escape From 26"

Great game. Loved the graphics and the puzzles. Just wanted to say the name of the music that was played in the music was called Henderson's Club Alabam' Orchestra - Mobile Blues

*---* God game!

pretty fun game. however it is a little hard to see and harder to read the letters.

I'm back. I finally finished and HAD to return here to let you know my thoughts: This, by far, is one of the Best escape games I have ever played -and I've played a lot! Once I figured out the real need for the girl to rest on the bed -to be able to walk to and from the ghost of the dead woman, who supplied her ...the way to finally escape from 26- I saw just how Brilliant this fine piece of work is! (Keep searching, people. While awake, in light or in a blue glowing dream.) Beautiful.

That was beautiful. I liked the mechanics, and the art of the game. The dialogue between characters could be improved though. I really liked the style of this game and the vibe it gave.