Reviews for "Escape From 26"

The game was nicely put together, although I agree with others that the main character moves a little too slow for my liking some times, but overall a good presentation. You lose points for not really having any puzzles to speak of. Everything that needs to be done is fairly obvious (with a couple of exceptions).

This is a beautiful game. I love the graphics. They're very clean and beautiful. The game itself was quite easy. The only area where improvement might be required is the storyline. A couple of places it didn't seem to make much sense. Otherwise, a pretty darn good game.

This game was pretty cool. Graphics are awesome and the Music is cool too but idk. It gets boring after a short time. She walks soooo slow , ah i couldn't play longer >.> . But still pretty good! :)

This was pretty good to be honest. Reminded me of Sanitarium with it's graphic style and isometric view. I enjoyed playing it but one problem: it was too easy. I know for a fact that I'm not good at games in general. I mean I eventually find a way or get brickwalled to the face to a point of getting help from walkthroughs but in this game didn't need any help nor spent too much time. Narrative was good for a short game, effects and music were pretty good too.

Beautiful artwork and interesting story, but I felt she walked way too slow. I lost patience quickly, and the game simply could not hold my attention long enough. I have ADD and I know you're catering to the majority of people who don't, but I feel that a change like that wouldn't take away from the story, if anything it would make more sense for her to be in a panic, seeing she's trapped in a giant cage and all.