Reviews for "Escape From 26"

The visuals and atmosphere of this game are superb, and the puzzles are very entertaining and original. Spelling and grammar leave much room for improvement, but they didn't really distract me from the game. I also got the feeling the story was rushed towards the end, which is a pitty because it has much potential and I would love to see more depth. But all in all job well done, and certainly worth 4 stars in my opinion. Thank you for creating it!

The art is very beautiful, and I like the generel idea of the game. But I think there could've been more to it. After reading the letters and finding out there were other cages I expected I would visit them somehow. The spelling mistakes in the letters made me think there might be a code or something; I wasted quite a bit of time on trying to solve it before I realised they were unintentional.
I really liked the idea that falling asleep would allow me to talk to the ghost of Ann. However, the fact that you have to do laundry to get the key form Andy... Somehow I found that a bit sexist.
The gameplay was nice, and the graphics superb. But there could've been a bit more to this game.

a very aesthetically pleasing game--although it would be nice to be able to zoom in a little so we can see some more detail! i also think that lilly walks just a bit too slow... and it kind of bugs me that the only way to advance through the game is to perform a couple of menial household tasks. additionally, the ending felt very rushed to me, and was pretty unsatisfying as a whole. how do they just "fly off"? couldn't lilly just shimmy down the rope in the well down to the floor of whatever building their cage is in? couldn't she try and meet the other people trapped by using their wells or something?? i think there's a lot more that could have been done with this to make it more interesting and compelling, instead of only pretty. like some character development! and could we get some sort of explanation for WHY people like andy and lilly are being kept in these cages? the game's description makes one expect to find out, but the game itself never goes into it. lastly, there were a LOT of spelling and grammatical mistakes. might i suggest hiring an editor, or at the very least using spell check?
in my opinion, this game has potential to be great, but as it is there's a lot left to be desired.

Excellent graphics, nice game play.

It was actually fairly good.. The graphics for this game was really unique and rather charming in it's own way. There were some spelling mistakes here and there but nothing that would ruin the gameplay. The story could've been better but overall the concept of this game is great. Hope to see a more longer and greater game!