Reviews for "Escape From 26"

The Good: Great artwork and nice BG music. Take a bow, because your superb art work is amazing and way beyond anything I could ever hope to produce, keeping even my relatively short attention span throughout the game.

And the Bad: As far as the concepts in the piece go, I would have to rate this: 5 Yawns. The major point of contention is that the player gets to solve humdrum puzzles consisting of washing laundry, falling asleep, and a scavenger hunt for stupid pieces to repair a lame clock. Honestly, the puzzles were a yawn party. If I wanted to perform mindless menial labor, I would be Mexican (just kidding, no offense, really)! And the finishing blow that destroys the validity of this game is the ending, which reveals that Lily and Ann are dumb as rocks, as they could have just slid down the well rope the whole frickin time? Seriously, as a story teller, you are telling us the when Lily drew water three times she didn't notice this giant @ss hole in the bottom of her cage? Really? Well, that just ruined the experience for me. To be frank, the ending sequence when Lily flies away with the spirit of Ann after fixing a jacked up clock to escape from the giant in "Jack and the Beanstalk", aka the cage master, that has chronological superpowers, was also completely lame. The graphics were great, and I was sincerely underwhelmed. Overall, I haven't done nearly enough lsd (or whatever drug I need to do) to miss a giant hole in the floor of a cage myself, or to appreciate washing laundry or fixing broken clocks. I get your obfuscated point, that we all are caged by internal and external means and what not, but that point could have been more poignant if the concept was better.

Next time, more story boarding may help so that the production artwork and smooth feel doesn't like it is masking a lame concept. Really, this level of artwork is widely appealing, and has the potential to make you big money. I was truly upset enough to write this review because I loved the quality of the artwork. Comparing the concept of this work to a game like THE CABIN, this game is meh. It could be much more with better conceptualizing.

I'm sure the next game will be absolutely perfect! Keep up the good work, and work on the not so good.

A mysterious exploration game, with really great graphics. The angles from which different sceneries are portrayed looks great, and the eerie music makes them seem darker than they really are. I like the glistening stars to hint at objects, and the leaf effect to mark the season. It's all very atmospheric and captivating. Nice game!


This game is awesome!
I love the atmosphere and the Diablo type graphics you've made.
This is really a piece of art, well done.
I can't wait to see what you guys put out next.

Maybe It’s because I clicked too fast but now I have several repeated parts of the clock and now I can’t fix it. I’m stuck. I had lots of fun playing it, though. I think the graphics and the song are really good. Beautifully made artwork! Overall It’s was a great game. Congrats! Hope there is a sequel.

Graphics 9/10 : I could of done with a bigger playscreen with the same quality.

Sound: 9/10: Being able to turn the radio off after your done with it would have been nice.

Gameplay 8/10: Not having a clue that there is nothing left to do with something bugged me. I kept filling the water boiler trying to get a clock part to overflow out of it. (which there is NOT one in there)

Story 2/10: Your trapped with no explanation why. The note of a being which has stopped time in his dreams by breaking the clock and willing it so is a bit over used and contrived. And unless the ghost was a total bitch and/or evil that didn't care about her kid. she would let the girl go get her kid.

Overall 7/10: Its a fun little game that can keep you entertained for about 10 to 15 minutes if your good at these kind of games.

Final Notes: If there is to be sequels/prequels I hope that things are smoothed out a bit and maybe a few things i mentioned are addressed. Namely the story.