Reviews for "Escape From 26"

I loved the graphics and the music so much, but too easy game and short.

the game has a bug when i clicked off of the radio it just went dark and starteted walking randomly, cool setting though.

Lot of fun, and I liked the set up. Playing from being trapped inside of a cage was interesting, and I liked how the whole game was set up. The only thing I found irritating was how many times I had to click on the gears positions before they finally set in. But aside from that, great game!

the last clockwork piece was so hard to find T~T

The Game is good, have a unique theme, yet, there is something missing. After I finished the game, I felt unsatisfied, it was too quick. The puzzles are good, but doing menial work seems like not too playful. Well, thanks for creating the game. Hoping for development with this one, it has a potential to be more compelling game.