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Romney Hate Black People

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I was motivated to make this short parody for two reasons.

1. The President released a commercial that specifically targets black voters. As a white person, I found this campaign strategy bizarre at first. I thought candidates should be intelligent towards all voters, not slang their message when they feel like it. link: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=2zZNEvj8DV4

2. A local journalist made an open comment that the Democratic party is for minorities, and the Republican party is for white people. Nevermind that the RNC had Condoleezza Rice, Susana Martinez, and Marco Rubio give great speeches. A false statement out of ignorance.

So I said fuck it, you want Romney hatin' black people in a commercial, you got it. With loose language from the original, and all the white hate that some journalists make up in their minds.

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Seriously man how dare do u talk shit about GOD Romney

Halflask you should take your own advise and tell youer right winger *beep* pals that they ought to read some news besides right wing propaganda diarrhea. >_> God so many retarded pots calling kettles black. Damn, since when Newgrounds became NEWSgrounds. Newgrounds isn't *beep*ing youtube! Go dirrhea and viomit in that site. Your political agenda nonesense isn't helpful for the animator/creator.

Sorry JeremyLokken, people need a reminder why this site was created. Your video is awesome. Creative propaanda video, nicely done. And yea Romney does look like someone who would rape women. lol The script is funny and the animation is superb... five stars. Thank you for sharing.

"I think to make it funnier, you should have tried to be even more offensive. You should make another and go all out. Another idea is to make a Romney ad talking bad about Obama. Good job." - Pain Wake. This is what a fan of yours said about your video. Thinking objectively, I think you should take another look at the way you're representing yourself here.

While I actualy love JL's work and I honestly doubt it can beat aroun here. You people who are in love with obama shoul actually read some news besides the left wing rags.

'I'm open minded enough to know that seeing is believing'.
That just made my day, aha. The poster below me gets a massive +.

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Sep 19, 2012
1:40 AM EDT