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Meet Lolita; neo-hippie and over-dedicated, cultural zealot. Meet her grandfather; Native American and wishing his granddaughter wasn't such an idiot.

Runtime: 3 Minutes 35 seconds

I did this as my Animation II and Animation III final. Took about 3 non-consecutive months and my first time using AfterEffects for post-production (Yeah sorry about the 25 MB size). Lolita is also a character from a series concept of mine called "Summer Rec" so expect to see more of her eventually.

Thanks to Sapphire for helping me find a great cast and thanks to Hnilmik and D-Mac for being that great cast.


I don't know if it is my cup of tea

But having said that. It isn't a bad animation, good voice. A clean satire. Which I can understand. I can understand being proud of one's heritage. I myself have Indian and Irish in me, though it doesn't make me feel like I could go to Ireland and just act like I'm "with my people."
I mean this can even relate today's society with goths/emos/scene, etc. Just because they dress like it and act like it makes them different, etc etc..Its rather embarrassing

I'd also like to note that apparently the only thing simple minded on this page is deviceheretic. Either he/she is too stupid to read the description and realize this is a satire, or is just to dumb that it went over their head. Apparently the only one that doesn't know what he/she is talking about is, again, deviceheretic. Way to make yourself look like a total idiot on newgrounds

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I can relate

I myself am mostly Native American thanks to my grandfather (Although I am legally black), but he died when my mom was 10. My uncle has a different dad. When my cousin found out my grandfather was a Native American he got confused and ran around like he was a Native American. When I explained the different grandfather thing he looked at me like I was crazy.

In its defense, spectacular animation quality.

I wish I could adequately explain how unbelievably simple-minded and offensive this is, beyond "Rich white kid pretending to know what he's talking about while just making it worse than it already is." Just...no.

Didn't even finish watching it.

Pixmintro responds:

didn't get the meesage then simple-minded bro

I told you you were trying to hard..

Always listen to the guy who looks and sounds like the grandfather from Prey

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great job!

good animations, voices, and humor

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4.35 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2011
9:38 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
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