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WarMachine PART2

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Just some animation I did for fun. Wanted to do a quick battle, no story.

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Skilled animation, I admire how great you are at doing a fast paced animation and now it's the robot's ass being kicked. :D


Everytime I watch this it reminds me of how much I suck at animating

one of my favourite animations on newgrounds

this is exactly what im into. The quality of your fight animations can easily be compared to the professional animations in series like bleach and naruto. Man, i cant even describe how awesome that was =3
All the people whining about the story line can shut the hell up.

not bad

work on it abit more.

Pretty good.

As far as RHG animations go, I expected better. Although, this is because I'm used to the better ones by Terk and such. Otherwise, I enjoyed it. The fighting was fast paced, the physics went well, and the character design was original. As far as what the others have said, I disagree. If they would watch other RHG battles, they would know this... but... When has RHG EVER made sense about endurance issues? Those stickmen get the hell beat out of them 100 times worse then this, but they still fight. Why shouldn't a human be able to beat a robot? Honestly, you people shouldn't hold that against him. (Plus, if you all didn't see the CAPE on his back, you wouldn't know this, but he is obviously a SUPERhuman? Duh!). Good job dude, I expect more! :)