Reviews for "WarMachine PART2"

Reviews about realism?

-Mammoth effort went into this.

-The animation is great.

-People that complain that the CARTOON about a ROBOT fighting a man in a CAPE has aspects of impossibility... /facepalm.... UUUGH FUCKING DUH!

This is awesome, I appreciate the effort and skill... uptight nerds need to chill.

PS. Nice music :P

Better than part one

Liked the fact he showed us damage in the second part. The fight was more intense in this part but indeed; Try to keep the two parts equal in length..


The end part was funny. But that animation is so smooth and actiony! You should defiantly put those skills into something more epic!
5/5 for animation

Did his wepons get upgraded between part 1 and 2?

He wasn't doing any damage in the last one and then here he rips the robot a new one.
then he kills him with an omni-slash and find out the robot had guts. so they weren't so different after all. But who cares if they were different now, the robots dead and guys face has this "woo-hoo" expression.

nice job, but...

if you gotta split it into two parts, try to keep both parts the same length. im sure everyone would love to see more in part 2.