Reviews for "WarMachine PART2"

shit man

your a genious with this stuff! do you do all your sfx one by one on the flash timeline?

those guts coming out of the robot were awesome too

Loved the hard blood drawing smile in the end!



that proves it man are strongets thing on this planet!

Need to be more realistic

Nice animation and effects but the scenes where there blood flying but no wound kind of sucks, still GREAT

Part2 a Buzzkill

Can't say there was much I liked about Part2. It started off okay with the Robot firing the grappling hook and the man having enough with it, but the throwing star barrage scene could have been better drawn. The man beating down the robot looked great but I kinda didn't understand the bit with the gutsy explosion of the Robots death scene. The ending with the guys messed up face also didn't mesh well with the rest of the animation - he didn't show any injury during the entire fight so the end face just makes eyes roll. Kinda wished the Robot won as well.