Reviews for "WarMachine PART2"

I wonder

how the hell did the kid survive?
and since when do robots have guts?

Incredible Animation

Very fluid, very fun to watch; everything looked amazing. Watching the constantly changing facial expressions and awesome effects all in a flash movie is always a pleasure, great work!

Music was appropriate and suited the scene very nicely as well.

Such a pity it was split into two parts like that though. :(

(Also, poor robot, I think he deserved to win.)

LOL @ Constapated Robot

That Cyborg mecha thingy has some serious constipation issues. He got purified haha anyways gotta say; great animation, keep up the good work.

Pretty Sweet!

Great use of animation to show this awesome fight. Then the look on the guys face at the end was the perfect way to end it. Very well done.

Damn, that really hurts

Leaving aside the incredible cuts done on the human, that was quite amazing. Everyone gets tricked with the stick loader. Great job, I love this kind of fighting animations far more than stick fights or sprite ones, you kept a lot of detail and fluidity all along. Sometimes I think people do stick animations mainly to minimize detail in battles. Oh well...

The final bit was like a cherry on the top for me. Hehe.