Reviews for "WarMachine PART2"

Beastin', yet again!

WarMachine didn't cease to amaze me. This part brought the realism not seen in the previous part to life. This time around, we got to see the physical injuries of the human, and we got to see who wins this great battle with no backstory other than a guy walking through the woods with a fish in a mouth who's noticed by a robot. Interesting.

The music was banging, still fits the animation, the animation continued its being fluid, and the art continued to be awesome. Especially with the fact that you dismantled that robot. I loved those parts, because you managed to remove them and keep them in their same sizes and not have them floating in the air much bigger than they were on the body itself. Some artists have problems with that.

Anyway, it was awesome. The only question I have is: Why did the robot have blood spattering out of it, then explode? (9/10, 5/5)

Awesome! Really nice animation

A great work! I only have one question, How come the robot's blade can cut thru stone but can't cut thru human flesh?

Great enemy

The thing I found the most interesting about this was the robotic enemy. I was wondering where the blood was coming at the end, but it was apparently an organism in a robot body. It was sweet to see it just explode with its flesh everywhere at the end. The hero took a fair beating as well. I thought it was going to be a stick flash at first because of the loading screen. It's still a great flash because it has such fantastic animation and amazing fight scenes.

Well, fight scene, that's really all it is. There are tons of submissions here that are just fights and nothing else, but they work because they're just wonderful to look at. It couldn't have been that quick of a battle if it was in two parts. The sounds were great as well and the art shift at the end with the beat up hero was funny too. Robotic arms are always a delight for fight scenes.


WARBOT! My one true love!

Ah well. Great flash. Good work on your part. Keep it up!


I loved it :)
seriously deserves some medals, you can tell you put alot of time into this
the fbf work was really good!