Reviews for "WarMachine PART2"


Gr8 animation but yeah...a bit too short...enjoyed it tho

Crazy come back

In part one the guy was totally getting pwned and in the first 2 secs of part 2 just comes back and owns the war machine like it was nothing. Other than that the fight scenes are fluid and well executed.


I don't know what to say about the ending... kinda blah compared to the first part, and a little to short. This seemed like a DBZ/Naruto/Metroid cross over blend which was really nice. But the ending was just too... blah.

Good Movie, terrible critics

I am giving you a solid 9 stars for this two part movie.

1) This isn't supposed to be a depiction of what happens specifically when a war machine goes against a human, sure we are fleshy, but let's not be realistic.
2) fluid fighting style, original attacks: the exploding fights in the air and the insane moment when both have knives/swords was very good, very intense fighting.
3) only bad part about this one 2 part movie thing is that the second part is nowhere near as long as the first part, you could of seperated them better and have a 10 star easily.


i was hopping the ending would had been unpredictable