Reviews for "WarMachine PART2"


victory but a worth cost?


How would this "Human" gu lived? we are soft and have flesh metal
How would he live thought out the impact of hitting of the mountain?
How did he loose very little blood?
AND HOW did the robot thing explode with guts and blood?
nice but not good, did you forget that it was a war MACHINE?!?!

Nice, but

A human would have lost so long ago, lol. Robot vs machine, humans are too soft and delicate to fight a mechanical machine, but great work man, best full body animation i've seen, ever. This quality is usually stick man. Lol robot had organs.




assuming the following true
robot is made of steel
man has sword
sword can be made of titainium or even stronger metal
titainium or better can cut steel like butter
awesome flash but i liked part one it had more action but u probably had to split it into 2 parts cuz the 10 mb limit so part 1 and 2 combined is pure awesomeness