Reviews for "WarMachine PART2"

i Agree

Robot should have won. Why does the human have impenetrable skin?

well, it just that make no sense

i love your animation but well the battle dont have any sense, it's unfair(for the robot guy) it like a super fast thief lv 1 vs a normal fighter lv 100...


yikes so thats the effect of getting enraged in an rpg battle

Pretty Good

I like the animation but I dont like how short it was. Thats it overall i was good.

Good...just no sense...

The animation is fluid, and sound effects seem to be tight enough for their timing.
Just...the robot beat the shit out of the guy using a knife and guns, all through out the first part, so the guy would surely die...so why is it that after his pouding with guns and knives, that he only gets a couple of lumps...but the robot is torn limb by limb
? Maybe I'm looking too deep into it.
I enjoyed it either way. :)