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My playthrough of the game, with creator notes:


Made this in two weeks for fun. The game is by no means perfect, but I tried my best and it was a learning experience. The game autosaves after every level but for some reason the level select only shows what you've done when you refresh the page. Also Merry Christmas.

Anything else important that I should say in this description is better said in the video link above.

Thanks Tom, Luis, and Psycosis91 for Flash ad stuff! Completely new to me.
And thanks to Tom again for the front page :D

100,000 views? Really? I didn't want that many. I'm glad this isn't on the front page anymore.

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screw level 19, die in the flashpocalypse.

Nice game. It's INCREDIBLY hard.

It was a great and creative game up until level 19. That shit took me THOUSANDS OF ATTEMPTS and 2 HOURS to get past!!! With 12 years of experience in gaming!

This is the perfect game if you're a masochist! >:(

Watch out fellas, Bennett Foddy's got some true competition with this one... (-_-)

Bring this to gamejolt! Its sequel is already on there!

never got a sub-2, this game sucks tbh