Reviews for "[RESPAWN]"

2nd time coming to this game

The first time I played this game was when it was first posted on NG. The second time was right after riddle transfer came out. The first time, I gave up after spending about an hour on level 19. The second time, I spent another hour and finally got through. (woot)

The endings were a bit of a letdown; I was honestly expecting something really special, or really funny, or perhaps some mockery of the player for spending that much time on the game. Story-wise, there is no feeling of reward for completing the game.

I've noticed that a lot of people complained about the game controls. I thought they were excessively slippery at first, but as I played through this time I started to notice that the character isn't actually slipping, it's just that he moves pretty darn fast - too fast to control with a high degree of accuracy unless you've got really good reflexes. Also, I noticed that jump height seemed to vary according to how long you press the up arrow: again, very hard to control because of movement speed. Maybe it'd be a bit easier to play if the play-screen was larger - slower character, larger gaps.

Level 19 did seem a bit excessive in light of the fact that it took little or no application of the respawning mechanism to solve. It almost seemed like you wanted to make another hard level to round up the number of levels, but got tired of thinking up actual puzzles.

I really did enjoy the concept. I love platform games, and this seems a very original take on that genre, so I would love to see a Respawn 2 or a story based game with the same concept, only with a little tweaking of the movements so that the player has more time to respond to things.

Thanks for reading this through if you did :)

The letter "m"

Whatever you do, do not press "m" it will delete all your progress instantly and put you to the menu screen.

It was pretty excellent.

To be honest though, I felt that level 19 was a little unfair. I finally managed to beat it after god knows how many tries. I don't think the controls are an issue like everyone else; after a while I simply adapted to them. I really enjoyed the final level, however. The endings, both of them, were very neat.

Well, I like it

I thought this was a really cool idea. Sure as you know the controls had some issues, but it didn't make the game unplayable. I have to say I didn't actually complete the game, mainly because I didn't have the patience :P. If there were medals I might've played all the way through.
I don't know how hard it is to program a game like this (Pretty difficult I'd imagine) but the main control problem I had was with the throwing. But I'm sure you've already heard enough about that.
I would've also had a small description of what the coins are for (ie "Get the challenge coin(s) in each of the worlds" or something like that. Similar to how it explains the controls)

Overall I like the idea and I don't think the game deserves the score it currently has (Too low).


You might wanna do somethin about the controls. Then I'd get to get past lvl 19.