Reviews for "[RESPAWN]"


than nothing

So it was okay.

This game had a lot of content in it regarding what you can accomplish. There was a moral meaning at the end (an obvious one I didn't care about) and there was plenty of puzzles with plenty of coins which caught my attention for about an hour, but I had some issues.

Control scheme was meh, I was hoping more of a game I could play entirely with my left hand on the wasd control scheme and the throwing was a bloody bitch. I felt that it was great that you made the game a challenge as that really set me in the mood to continue playing so I could win and say, "in your fucking face you piece of shit game, booyeah!" ....but the ending was a buckshot of salt rocks to the face and all that coin collecting and level beating was just a false accomplishment.

Thank you for the moral, it is good....but I was kinda hoping for a more meaningful ending...like actually having a choice between escape or the coin.

3/5, 6/10


I had no problems with keys sticking, but the only bug I could find was:
no matter how far you get, the level select screen doesn't let you choose a level.
Otherwise AWESOME game.

i love it

I loved the retro look of the game and level 18 had me scuppered for about an hour, i kept ballsing it up and having to restart. very tricky, or maybe i just suck :P

the controls were a little bit difficult, as has been said you shoot off the platform when just tapping the key.

apart from the controls issue, i really liked it!


The game wasnt that good. First is the controls, they fell sloppy, like you slide down everytime I let the key go.
That made throwing the red block up high very difficult, or maybe I just suck at it.
But still, its kinda fun, just the controls ruined it for me.
5/10 you can do better than that.