Reviews for "[RESPAWN]"

Screw level 19. Is fucking hard!

I played this game for 1 hour. Two-thirds of which were awesome! Filled with unique puzzles to solve, with coins added as an extra challenge. I spent 20 minutes on level 19. I have had a lot of time to think about what is wrong with that level. You might think that since it's only one level, it's not too important, but in my eyes, since it took up a third of my playing time, it's a HUGE deal.

Two-thirds of what I played was amazing. The mechanics of this game are refreshingly fun to use, and it's fun to figure out the puzzles made using the mechanics. It's especially fun to pick up the spawn point and circumvent some traditionally difficult jumps. You need a different kind of muscle memory than one would get from a normal platforming game.

The mechanics were slowly introduced and taught until you had a wonderful skill set at your disposal. All you had to do was remember what you were taught and eventually, you could figure out the puzzle.

And then level 19 happened. Everything taught to you went out the window. All the cool gameplay and mechanics that make this submission unique and interesting are gone. The beginning platform was frozen so you can't even interact with it like you've been able to ALL GAME. And it's not frozen to make the level a harder puzzle. It's simply a restriction on what game mechanics you can use in that level. As a result, it becomes a generic platforming level that is dull, frustrating, and uninspired.

Since level 19 is most fresh in my mind, I'm tempted to rate this BLAM this like crazy, but the first 18 levels were so awesome that I have to give a few stars for its originality and great execution.

JonBro responds:

Thanks, xpwifi. I think that's fair. Level 19 was a terrible idea, in retrospect.

19 was just cruel!! Loved the game, the puzzles were fun and I like the endings.

What was wrong with you when you did level 19?!!!!!!!! Anyway loved the endings got em both

The levels don't save. Only level 1.

JonBro responds:

I know, I know. It's weird, if you check again, they've all saved, I just didn't put the loading code in the right place. I'm surprised you thought that alone made the game worthy of a half-star, though, especially since games of this length used to have no saving at all.