Reviews for "[RESPAWN]"

So a bit of a problem, with Firefox it seems you only actually throw things maybe one out of twenty times. The rest it just drops. Unless there is something you failed to mention in the game, which seems pretty serious.

JonBro responds:

Is it anything like the glitch a few people have mentioned where sometimes the character continues in one direction even when you're not holding down any keys? If so, I unfortunately really have no idea how to fix that.

Controls aren't compatible, you can't run and jump at the same time in Chrome...

Great game and i loved how it was qu challenging and how you really need to sometimes think also TessVerres you probably deleted history, cookies and all that stuff. when you do that you will lose your saves for a game like this

ok I think this is a revive prequel of se sort (I know because I saw the respawn button in revive ) And I say you have gone far with revive this is good also nice work

This game is soo Hard dude!!But anyway,Keep your good job!! Is Amazing!!