Reviews for "[RESPAWN]"

Perfect! (yes it is!)

The game is EXTREMELY challenging (lv 19 is not impossible, and, if you are fast, you can press R and restart the level. It is just a bit more manual to respawn in this level), i loved everything, the song (for some reason everyone thought the song was ridiculous, but in my opinion, i fits with the game and it is pretty nice!), the simple controls (the character is very fast, witch makes the game even more challenging), and even the simple story (simple, but brilliant, the character has no name, you are playing the whole game in somewhere you do not even know where it is, maybe a dream/fantasy world, and you get helped by an anonimous voice that does not help you fisicaly, it only teaches you the basics. And the endings! I loved the endings, two beautiful messages!)!
Concluding my review: i give a nice ten'o ten for this marvelous game.
10'o 10!


Really fun. I like how you can die as much as you want, and its simple and fun.

i beat level 11 by accident 0.0

i hav this problem were if i duble click a direction it sticks that way so i threw the orange button in the spikes on the key while my spawn brick was on top of the level so i walked into the spikes pressing the button while gettin the key then spawned on top with the orange wall cleared so it automatically walked into the door (in other words one action caused me to win and that action was throwing a button that SHOULD be attached to the ground) lol awesome music somehow makes me think back of all the good things that ive done and how many people that have called me a hero sometimes

ps hilarious motto:death is a mere papercut here,but papercuts hurt,really bad lol


the idea is awesome, game is enjoyable. but lvl 19... really?

Having a level just to piss people off in frustration.... there's a difference between challenging and quietly saying "F*(# you" to everyone. AKA Level 19. I pretty much quit after..... about 20 minutes on that one level. A pretty good game overall! I enjoyed all the puzzle thinking. And then... level 19. Where puzzle solving and brain thinking means jack squat.