Reviews for "[RESPAWN]"

I like this game! It uses the "respawn" as a base for a game revolved around puzzles you must ACTIVELY dive into spikes to solve. I liked the music of this game, it was so cheery, and kinda spacey too. Well, you'd be spacey too for all the times this guy has to pratfall in order to succeed.

Also, it was kind of hilarious you only told the player those much needed tidbits after the fact. Almost like he's making fun of me! O_O;

I like the 10th level. It requires so much thought to get to the coin. In other Flashes, some puzzles felt too flowy, like they were there, they were required, and they were on your set path too, so they'd eventually get solved no matter what. They were easy too. This however, makes you think HARD in order to succeed. While it was very simple finally solving it, it felt rewarding to finally triump and get teh shiny.

Level 4 was good too, in teaching a lesson that doing the same thing over and over (jumping onto the first little cliff, holding up and tossing it, only to keep coming up short) definently does not work. When my stubborn personality began to wear, I figured out, "Hey, why not just try the higher cliff? Genius..." and it worked out!

Congratulations on making this game. I hope you make more puzzle games like this.

Lastly, LAXfresh349, do you need a hug or something? Hatred is a strong word for him to have not spited you at all. Play this game, and be happy. If you don't like em? Well...then just stop commenting, it's not as if he's talking about you behind your back, or that he'll stop just because you say so...so stop commenting so that the people who actually enjoy his work doesn't have to see all of your negative comments.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Even though I hate you,

I still wish you a merry Christmas.



JonBro responds:

I didn't see this on Christmas, but I do hope that you had a good one. So I'll take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year :)

Its great!

It is a great game with seemingly good controls, and I love the movie. It'd be better if I wasnt playing on my computer which doesnt let me push 3 keys at once. Other than my problem, I had fun! Oh yes, that user, LAXfresh349 is a spammer, I have seen him on a few other of flash submissions, and he has voted 0 and spammed on them, and if youtube works similar to newgrounds, then you might be able to see his recent submissions, and we could blam him from Newgrounds.

It is fustrating when the controls don't work.

A good idea for a game, but it could of had a lot of potential if you worked more on the controls. I found myself stuck on level 7 unable to complete because the character would run all over the place

JonBro responds:

The character would run all over the place? I can almost understand people calling the controls unresponsive in terms of how the character jumps, but I've never had nor heard of any problems with the running.

Try this!!!

On level 8, Throw your red platform into the spike pit with the coin, then die!! You will spawn on top of the platform! Once on top of the red, Hold the down Key! You Character will appear as White with a red outline!! LOLZ!!!