Reviews for "[RESPAWN]"

this is even harder than revive

very kewl

Cool game Jonochrome/JonBro! And level 9 was a bit easy though. Make some more of thisss! Also am I the only one who has a problem with level 18?

Seriously, I can't do level 7. Am I the only one with this problem? I can't time it right

A wonderful game that deserved his place on the front page, with intelligent gameplay mecanics, I really loved it. You have the same abilities during the whole game but, the narrator doesn't tell you all you can do from the beggining of the game, and you have to restart some levels to make it at 100%. Brillant.

...but the 19th level was really hard, but there's still a tip to make it "easily" : for the last jump, you can use the gravity effect after jumping to go to the exit door.