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Nov 29, 2010 | 8:24 PM EST

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FATIGUE 5 Points Death by exhaustion. Zzzzzz...
INFARCTION 5 Points Death by overloading energy. Buzzzzz!
SIX PACK 5 Points Collect 6 cans in a row.
100 YARD DASH 10 Points Survive 100 yards(300 feet).
50 YARD DASH 10 Points Survive 50 yards(150 feet).
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Author Comments

[EDIT 11/30/2010]: Thanks to everyone who has left such positive reviews for this game, Jaxh and I are very proud, this being our first Trophy and Front-Page.

We would also like to thank TomFulp for approving our Medals, and Newgrounds for bringing our game to the front page.

Thank you, all of you, and be sure to look out for future projects we develop!

Hey Newgrounds,

Welcome to AMP'D, an action-platformer brought to you by Oldsage10 and Jaxh!

- Your goal is to collect energy drinks (in some cases avoid them!) to keep your energy levels within the green zone of your meter.

- You must also dodge moving saws and spikes while maintaining your energy levels.

- See if you can place in the highscores, and while you're at it, take a crack at 6 NG Medals!

- Controls are in game, but its pretty simple, just click to jump, click again to double-jump!

- And remember to have fun!

Good Luck!,
Xaotik(formerly Oldsage10) & Jaxh

P.S.: Jaxh wrote all of the music used in this game, and although the tracks used have been modified to fit the game, you can still listen to and download his originals (listed in the Audio Credits) if you like them!



Rated 2 / 5 stars


I believe that anyone who goes to the trouble of making a game at all, could do just a bit more trouble by making it good. The game lacked in every single aspect, especially gameplay. It was extremely repetitive, as was the music...To be honest, it felt like a half-assed clone of Canabalt. I do however congratulate you on making the front page. Whether my opinion is negative or not, doesn't change the face that you did well enough to win someone over.

Also, something that's really been bothering me related to comments (on most of the submissions on NG), the right term is addictive, not addicting.

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

must be a slow week...

i don't see why this is on the front page. nothing special really. i don't know why you programmed it to jump on releasing the mouse button, for a twitchy game like this it makes a difference. sure, i could just hold down the mouse and release it when i want to jump, but i shouldn't have to...

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Boring, unresponsive controls, and nothing to make me want to continue playing.

Also, you might want to refrain from insulting the people who play your game, it makes you seem pretty immature no matter how you word it.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Lol at author.

Nice reply you wrote towards JScarper.
The guy is right, your reply is hilarious, and the game isn't all that great.

Even for a minigame it's just not up to the cut really.

First of all, nice control scheme. nothing that says ''Hey, use the mouse button to jump!'' you just get thrown into the game. wow.

Also, the colouring is just horrible, the game lacks any graphics, the obstacles are boring, they offer no real thrill nor do they make you go ''oh snap, didn't see that coming''.

Furthermore, you're probably going to answer to this review, in which I have to say in advance, you're a tough guy for trash talking to someone who can't reply back to you.

The fact that you took the time to check if this guy had any medals, also I'm pretty sure I'd rather have no contributions than one like this, because I can also put little to no effort in an entire game and post it, and get a lucky strike.
I know, you're going to say ''Wow, but you didn't, you don't contribute to the site at all!''

I know, but I choose not to because, just like this game, my skills aren't up to standards of what I'd call ''decent/good'' games.

So please, don't be such an arrogant guy going ''I make flashes, you don't, so shut up ;)''

End of review coming up here;

The game is repetetive, even for a minigame it hasn't gotten enough content.
The music is also a bit repetetive, even though I like this sort of music a bit, it just gets annoying after a while.

Try to build in levels next time, even minigames have levels once in a while.
Tell people they're going to use the Left mouse button for jumping, because that's not really a standard jump button in my opinion.

Overall, giving this a 5/10 and a 2/5 because it doesn't add much to newgrounds and I don't really like it.

Also, I care not for spelling errors since I'm only human too.
Also, sorry if there's something repetetive in my review, this small box in which I can write isn't helping heh.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not for me

It wasnt a game for for me - it got boring and the controls were sticky.

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