Reviews for "AMP'D"

Its no canabalt

I didn't feel as if i was going really fast or as if i was really awsome, which is one good way to create a fun game in this style. What got to me is having to see those stupid high scores again and again, when a fast gameplay is key doing that was a big mistake. And mouse click ? really ?


i loved it. n___n everyone who wrote a bad comment saying how 'shit' it is, is wrong. :L its FUN. and, tbh. i think its supposed to be a simple game? >__< jeez, don't be so hard. itt's not like any of you could do betterrr.

Go Go Go Go GO

Was as entertaining as those flash banner ads, but you lost points because you think that people need to upload or create games to have an opinion.

too easy

i got all the medals in 5 minutes couldve been better mabey make a second one with better controls and stuff

That was fun for about 30 seconds.

This is the kind of game any good programmer should be able to shit out in half a day, minus the graphics (if your as artistic as me) and sound (maybe).

Try and make something that is fun next time.