Reviews for "AMP'D"


The game has flaws, for one, the control is just, well, bad.
The game would improve if you could move the character backwards and forwards.
The game would improve if the controls were more responsive.
The game would improve if you jumped by pressing the space key.
As VulxaniSolas said, the game seems unfinished.

Controls hurt this

I enjoyed this game. The major flaw is the jump command. Using 'space' or any other key would give the player a better feel for the game. Currently the player jumps on 'mouse click release' which is the slowest possible command for reaction type games.


It would of been MUCH better if the controls were more responsive

I'm sorry,

But I can not give this..... this..... thing a high score. It's just not finished.

The character is moving too fast to accurately grab anything, music is aggravating at best, and It's just..... not all there.

With this, I hope you can take another look at this project, and I sincerely can't wait to see the FINISHED result. And next time, don't do it half-assed.


It was cool, but it makes you get bored while you get farther.