Reviews for "AMP'D"

This is so sweet

but its hard to get to the achevimets expect the first one which is easy. lol

Average, completely average.

Eh.. It's a pretty average game. It's a little addicting, but it's too simple to be considered one of the best. I guess it got 5th because there weren't many really good games out that day.
It gets an average score. I mean the drinks you get for energy are a little weird. the only twist is that it goes faster or slower depending on how much energy you have total. It could use like maybe different obstacles, such as one that jumps up at you or one that's in the air. You can think of something.

not bad!


Perfect taste of medals!!

Your game rocks!!!!! U R so cool!!!!

its okay

it lacked background. i wish it had started off slow and built up speed, and a life bar with other power-ups would have made it a 10.