Reviews for "AMP'D"


yeah.... if that was a test for your very first ever game, good job :D
but other then that...


So amp'd up, I'm moving on to something worth playing.

This is Sh*t

this game reeks of sponsorship, the controls suck as well, and the music makes my eardrums want to kill themselves. the concept is just about as good as the fore mentioned problems. im giving you three stars because you guys actually had the balls to put something like this up

Xaotik responds:

Lol... "reeks of sponsorship"...

This game is an in-house production between Jaxh and I. The only money we earn is from the Newgrounds API.

So yeah, I would say that you need to stop jumping to conclusions... Also, we'll continue to put up games that we make, tyvm.


glitchy, unresponsive at times, and annoying in general... i don't really like it. :/

if you tweak that, then i't proly be pretty good x3

good, and medals make it a bit more addictive

however, i feel that the medals points' could have been higher, for e.g.
infarction medal = 10 pts
six pack medal= 10 pts
100 yds medal = 25 pts

other than that, good :) btw what frame rate were you using?

Xaotik responds:

Its 24 FPS.