Reviews for "AMP'D"

Not THAT bad

The only 2 things that bothered me were the music (shouldn't start over when you die, that is kinda annoying) and I completed my medal list too fast, so there was nothing different to do!


Pretty addictive.

But the animation was pretty bad. Uhh the incomplete cycle of the dude running was putting me off somehow... so yeah try to fix that.

Not Very Interesting

I kinda dislike this game, because it's too simple. You should have added more obstacles. And I think people like using the up arrow more than the mouse. The music isn't terrible, but it isn't good either. I gave you a 3 because it is a little challenging, and because I like the graphics. Try to give some more effort.


very "meh"

this is a very simple game with only one piece of control. the background effect was cool and the music is good. unfortunately, there's nothing spectacular about the game itself. I swear, it seemed like the farther I went there would be a slow increase of lag between mouse clicks and actual jump time. honestly, the gameplay almost seemed like a secondary concern here. and so this game is very "meh". it's not terrible, but there's really nothing here to make you want to keep playing it.

Not bad

It was a solid game that was pretty simple in both gameplay and graphics but still it was quite fun for a while at least trying to get to the 300M mark,overall i think you did a nice job on the game.