Reviews for "AMP'D"


Very, very boring. You get to click, and while you're clicking, you get to do so many things! You get to collect cans! And avoid spikes! And saws! I know I'm not supposed to bitch about why games make front page, but this is ridiculous.

This game has annoying 16-bit-esque music coupled with a colour scheme that is really hard on the eyes. There is quite simply no reason to play this game; there's no compelling story (hell, there's NO story), there's no compelling graphics, and there is basically no engaging reward system. Medals? Whoever stays for the medals has too much time on their hands.

I'd recommend watching Leo & Satan III ten times in a row, it's much more rewarding.

Xaotik responds:

Good morning to you too.

Nice sarcastic little review you wrote here. I noticed how you have such an amazing total of 0 submissions, keep up the good work!

By the way, this game is... a mini-game, its supposed to be repeatable. If you're looking for a story for a mini-game, I find your lack of comprehension, disturbing.

Also, you got a Medal, so how does it feel to have too much time on your hands? You must not be spending enough keeping that grand total of 0 submissions up to date with features for your fans!

Furthermore, if you watch a movie ten times in a row, it only proves my above statement, you, good sir, have far too much time on your hands.

And although you've made every effort to defame this game, which both I and my good friend Jaxh worked very hard on, I must say, you are more intelligent than that player who rated a 1, few reviews down from here; or, at least I think you are, I have been wrong before.

So enjoy that extra free time you have lying around, you certainly aren't using it for contributing anything to this site.

Also, thanks for playing.

beat that!

1482 ft run! woot! that was real fun to play over the past hour and all last night. the fast music and that fast run, real good.


If those had been Monster cans, that energy bar would have exploded after the first pick-up.

Decent, but seems like advertising

It's 'ok', amusing for a few minutes. But is it just me or this advertising for Amp energy drinks?

Xaotik responds:

Nah, I just chose the name "Amp'd" because I felt like it.


it was aight...plain as hell tho