Reviews for "AMP'D"

beat that!

1482 ft run! woot! that was real fun to play over the past hour and all last night. the fast music and that fast run, real good.


If those had been Monster cans, that energy bar would have exploded after the first pick-up.

Decent, but seems like advertising

It's 'ok', amusing for a few minutes. But is it just me or this advertising for Amp energy drinks?

Xaotik responds:

Nah, I just chose the name "Amp'd" because I felt like it.


it was aight...plain as hell tho

work on it

this could be much better if you put more effort into it like background cuz i really didnt feel all that fast and on top of that yes powerups and possibly more buttons i got bored pressing the mouse and basicly did it for the achievements