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Mutate the Labrat 2

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OK, after 5 years, i still get emails about the first mutate labrat. Here's the second part. It's a bit complicated for everybody, but i hope this appeals to the fans of the first one.

Manage you personnel, craft chemicals and implants, mutate your monster and fight other monsters.
This also features a thumbnail generator, so you can turn your monster into an avatar.

1. Antitox is probably the most important chem. With lots of Antitox, you can keep on injecting/irradiating your monster with mutagen without suffering the effects of high toxicity.
2. Crafting items will save you money in the long run. Buying ready made items cost you a little extra.
3. Mining is the most reliable source of income, but check on your mining sites often as miners tend to die from mining accidents from time to time.
4. Limit the amount of fusing. Every time you fuse two labrats, you increase it's fusion level. Labrats with higher fusion levels are harder to fuse again.
5. Attack types are determined by the type of spikes growing on a labrat's bodypart. On the other hand, armor types are seen by what type of skin a labrat has (texture).
6. Attack sites (red button on world map) usually contain very high level monsters. If you can beat this encounter, it may prove to be very profitable.

FIXED: pricing issue. It takes some time for the version control to update, but if it does, the version on the title page should say 1.8.3
-Miners are 2x less likely to die in accidents
-Starting money 10k
-More miners at the start

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With flash gone do you plan on rereleasing it on mobile or Steam?

Rip your website

Potentially this game deserve a much better score, but it just has droves of very annoying design flaws.
Starting with a very small window for example.
The needless differing between storage and inventory. You have to save space which hampers you when you mass produce things, you have to constantly open and close tabs, over and over, here and there to move crafting components.
The storage stacking is also quite annoying, items can sometimes glitch and become unstackable in a given cell.
Meanwhile shops, of course, have movable tabs, but your inventory doesn't. Interesting.

The worker accidents seem to happen every time you move from place to place and serve little more than getting in a way to playing, as you need resources to sell and staff is also expensive to replenish. Oh and you have the maximum crew amount too!

Mutant power level is completely unpredictable.
My initial labrats reliably got trashed many times by trying to cross into other area by "Level 2" monsters.
Meanwhile mining sites, guarded "Level 10" monsters in the Old Luther did got themselves trashed by the very same labrats.

The worst are the crafting rates. I spend probably a dozen attempts to create a single metal heart and was met with welcoming failure during implantation. I fully expect the stronger implants to be even worse.
Now, I get it's not supposed to be simple, but then you can see workers having differing stats, but no way of improving those and neither the way of improving crafting rates too.

Overall very high random. Nonetheless entertaining, I admit. Good work for almost decade-old mere flash game.

fun game, but the changes made it too easy

Really good, love this game. Makes you fell like a mad scientist, been playing off and on for years. But for the game designer i would recommend to add multiplayer, I would love to test my rats with other players. more items and staff training and development so they get better at they job over time when you use them. Lab upgrading would be amazing. :) Hope your working on Mutate the labrat 3