Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"


...the fusions are confusing as to why the percent chance of it happeing when i do ha 55% chance thing twice that should mean it happens >.> there are something that could have been done better but all round its good :3


I would have to say this game is amazing. but there is always room for improvement. Correct? Oh btw I'm REALLY hoping you make a 3rd game... almost somewhat like this game called CritterForge. but anways, Great game. nice graphics and cool gameplay. keep up the good work! ^_^

Great Game

Great game hard at first but once u figure it out it is really easy and fun.


The first one is better then this!

Dude, thats great!

For Newbys this game is hard because u dont rly know what to do and how to do right. After some time it makes more fun. Getting money is rly easy with 3-4 mines. Ilike that game very much because it takes a long period of time to finish that game and because its not so easy :D