Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"

One Problem

When crafting items it sometimes takes 3 instead of 2

>IE. I will craft a muscle and I have run to the last E-Boost on one stack so it takes that last one and two out of the next stack

You might wanna change the stack number or something and sorry if this bug has been stated before.
Great game despite some of the bugs.


...the fusions are confusing as to why the percent chance of it happeing when i do ha 55% chance thing twice that should mean it happens >.> there are something that could have been done better but all round its good :3


I would have to say this game is amazing. but there is always room for improvement. Correct? Oh btw I'm REALLY hoping you make a 3rd game... almost somewhat like this game called CritterForge. but anways, Great game. nice graphics and cool gameplay. keep up the good work! ^_^

Great Game

Great game hard at first but once u figure it out it is really easy and fun.


The first one is better then this!