Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"

You know how you get those different kinds of rat? You know, there's the purple one, the blue one, the standard one, the green one ect... but I think it would be useful to know what their special effects DID rather than spend ages trying to figure them out.
It would also be useful to know what creature class means.
Apart from that I think this game is awesome! it's just the way it's set and how simple yet hooking it is.
Sequel please!

OK here is some super tips to beating the game fast.
First unlock the first mine and capture the creature guarding it. Use this creature when traveling until your main creature is strong enough to beat the creatures guarding each zone. If you want to travel real cheap spend all your money end let your traveling creature get genetic damage during revival until its down to level 1. Then it only cost 10 buck to revive instead of 100.
I wasted tons of money crafting implants. Focus on your mining crew first. Then focus on mutations. I suggest finding the lab that sells vespin X.
Only the basic implants are needed if you are level 500 to beat the last boss in the area.
I wouldn't fuse monsters unless they are 100+, if your not recieving bonus stats your wasting the few times you can fuse without causing genetic damage.

Good luck, this game can be really fun or a tedious grind if you play wrong.

O yeah great game I like it. There is a bug when crafting. If you are trying to craft and it requires a stack of 2 items and you have 1 item then a stack of 1 or more, when you craft it. it will use the 1 item and still take 2 items from the remaining stack.

Please make crafting less tedious I want to make 30 of the item at once rather then 1 at a time.

5/5 game

@zero9109 that's what the crew tab is for

ps: fallout cem's lol :D

great game my record is lvl 517! on hacked version :(

Excellent game! I loved getting that mutation really high, but how come crafting is harder than fusion? Did you accidentally switch them around? If so, how come fusion drops on different levels? Also there should be a fourth stat that there would be another employee type for, for crafting, to make it easier. I agree with Zero9109, but if there were no survivors of the mining accident, since you don't really hire a foreman or any other sort of job that is given for mine safety today, you wouldn't be notified.