Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"

Excellent game! I loved getting that mutation really high, but how come crafting is harder than fusion? Did you accidentally switch them around? If so, how come fusion drops on different levels? Also there should be a fourth stat that there would be another employee type for, for crafting, to make it easier. I agree with Zero9109, but if there were no survivors of the mining accident, since you don't really hire a foreman or any other sort of job that is given for mine safety today, you wouldn't be notified.

This is an awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!

its adicting but what does the scientist personel do and how do i make crafting more likely

I like the game but I find that crafting is way too hard even after you get the Tech workers from the other side of the map. If you do decide to make a third one the crafting should be a bit easier with higher chances to make things rather than just waste the precious resources that you have to buy most of the time because the mining is off too. Also a notification that an accident has occurred and one of your miners is dead would be wonderful instead of having to fight your way to one part of the map and finding out they have all died, then having to go back to buy people and then finally fighting back to the mine is tedious.

Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood creepily fits this...the games hard for me but it rocks!