Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"

i like NO.1 better

it isnt even a labrat, its a monster from the start.
and number 1 had a simpler menu


i think i turned mine into a demon because it has black eyes i was mutateing it while it was dead so yeah

great game also

I found out that if you catch your monster as it is about to die of toxins with a detox or antitox as it is fallinga nd inject it you save your monster! it shows no health but its standing and alive i gave it a stim and then went to the map and back to the lab and tada my monster was fine! I think i got lucky XD


pretty awesome game,but crafting stuff,especially mehcanic implants,is almost imposible

I fed a bioengineer to my monster... CRAP.

Nice game. However I managed to kill 4 creatures in total. One died thrice, the other one once. A starting guide would be useful, oh and remove the costs for reviving. I don't want to have to pay when my creature dies due to its own stupidity.