Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"

damn i love this game

but you have a bug in the hp becouse wene you us injections or food it wount go up!

TIP:get some miners to work then radiet your monster till its dead and a bit after it will kip standing and the time will go on. go to sleep and wake up with a full storage

Great game!

It is a very nice game, it takes a bit of patience, but you grow really fast if you invest a lot in mutation
And a tip, a easy way to make money: put 2 miners to get rocks and sell all the rocks you get


i love killing labrats testing thins super o and my mine is killed :( but i love the game still much

great game

this is good and i liked it still think miners shouldnt die like difrent dificultys


the game was ok, it was tough to kill the other monsters to start with it took alot of rad spamming to just be able to kill anything. another thing that annoyed me greatly is if you run out of money and are several screens from you market then there is no way to get back it you die.
other than that it was a good concept.