Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"

Enjoyable Time-waster

Quite an enjoyable game. A major expansion on the first.

One annoyance I had was that all the more advanced implants have a painfully low success rate of being crafted. In particular, the skills of my employees being completely static was annoying. If I were to suggest an improvement, perhaps make it possible for your employees to slowly improve their skills and level up, so we don't have to spend thousands of nan getting all the ingredients for an implant that might not be crafted succesfully, and we lose everything.

Adamantium lol

great game and lots of options

Great Game

I have to say this is one of the better games I've played. It's challenging and provides a lot of gameplay. Even if you beat the arena you can still spend tons of time mutating and fusing lab rats to for different combinations. Only a couple things I noticed, I haven't been able to get the "Crafter" and "Master Crafter" awards, not sure if it is referring to crafting implants or if it can be anything. I would love to see a Mutate the Lab Rat 3!


why did you put in an auto save there is no need for a save button plus every thime my monster dies and i dont have enogh of mony to revive it but i cant go back to when i saved do i have to start again!

pretty good .,..

this game pretty good you should considering putting this on iphone ...