Reviews for "Mutate the Labrat 2"

Dude, thats great!

For Newbys this game is hard because u dont rly know what to do and how to do right. After some time it makes more fun. Getting money is rly easy with 3-4 mines. Ilike that game very much because it takes a long period of time to finish that game and because its not so easy :D


Its way too hard!!!!!!!

-clears throat-


What does clean do?

What does clean do? I don't understand. It won't do anything..

Wow..just..just wow..

This game is absolutely amazing, it is so in depth that it gives the game a realistic feel, I love every aspect of the game, not a single problem EXCEPT the fact that everytime I save, it saves offline..meaning that when I log onto my computer the next day, the saved file is gone and I have to start ALL OVER, anybody know how I can make an ONLINE save?