Guy of My Dreams

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A unique game with cute graphics! I made this as a short project to see if I can make "girl-ier" games for a change.

Use the arrow keys and spacebar to play. Mouse control works fine as well. Find a guy that looks like your dream guy, and collect as much Happiness as you can before you turn 50!


achievements are cruel things.

the concept was, err, intriguing, and presented pretty well in the game. the game itself wasn't so hard, just a nice arcade-style game to pass the time. so yeah, high scores will make you play again. and the achievements moreso.

Family Man, Yay! Slob? I can handle that...

but MURDERER?!?!?! WTF man?! WTF?! It seemed like every guy I dated on this game was "Good +6, Good +3..." And right when you think you're going to get something much much better, you get "MURDERER -15" >:( Insane... but great game!

Now for teh realz review. I gotta say, despite all the stereotypes given to men about being shallow dicks and such *cough* along with murderers *cough*, this game was actually really fun to play. Admittedly, it was a bit too "girly" for my taste, but it was one of those games where the large amount of estrogen doesn't really take away the masculine qualities of the game... if there are any.

Honestly, I am soo doped up on pain-killers (prescribed of course) that I can't really make any sense. So excuse me if I happen to sound somewhat inebriated and/or make absolutely no sense. The game was awesome!

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Pretty good

I will admit its not very challenging, which does kill this game to be honest...but it's a fun little way to kill some time. And maybe its just me but I was striving to get 5 star life and it kept me playing, but that could be that I'm just psycho about that kind of stuff. All in all it was pretty good, but like a few people said the girl instantly stealing them is annoying...found a guy who was loyal, nice and an accountant, was with him for about 20 years, then at the age of 40 he got stolen so I was screwed, which was kind of aggravating.

Great game!

I thoroughly enjoyed it - and I'm a guy :P nice, cute game which isn't very challenging but has a lot of variety of play and I think is quite meaningful.

Life ends at 50 though..?

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Cute, simple, fun

Considering the overload of masculine games where sex and violence is the main theme, this is a breath of fresh air. Not only can you control a girl protagonist, but you have to (get to?) get her in a relationship.

However, while fun and cute (the design and music certainly fit together in perfect harmony), the game lacks a real challenge and it's hard to remain interested after a while. Plus, though it may not have been intended as such, this seems like a game that sends the wrong message to young girls.

Maybe I'm just looking too deep into this. Lucky you, girls don't come to Newgrounds.

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3.91 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2010
5:27 AM EDT
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