Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"


It's a cute game. Replayed it several times to try and get achievements and see how "happy in life" I'd be.


I really like this game and I think it's fun.

well done!

easily one of my favourite contributors on NG!

cute fun little game...i just am a bit disappointed her life ends at 50!!! ;)

Could be improved, but brilliant!

Not your typical "side-scrolling" game. I really enjoyed this one a lot! As others have said, it has lots of replay value and I never get bored with it. However, I think it could've been improved to where you could pick your own personality so that the guy's personality could have different effects. For example, geeky could be taken as good depending on your personality.

Love it

It's totally simplistic, three or four good things to hit, two bad things to avoid. I can play the whole thing with the mouse.
And I absolutely LOVE this game. I like how the guys have different personality aspects to them that you find out after being with them. Even though John was a murdering, violent, drunk I was still sad for a long time after some other girl snatched him. But after a few bars of chocolate I realized how I was better off without him. Lol.
Even the man of my dreams has flaws.
It's very hard to stay single all your life!

This is a simple game with fun aspects that make it re-playable and fully enjoyable!