Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"


this game was so lame i mean all u do is chase and grab lame

Interesting, but lacks complexity

Pretty good, if you could have just added something different. Maybe each year was a level and you had to reach a certain amount of happiness to beat it and the difficulty would increase as the levels increased (which happens in real life as well, for it is harder for an older woman to get a partner). Anyways, it is pretty good, and it's good to see a girly game around for a change, you definitely succeeded on making a good girly game.


ok all the guys were ugly
and...it was an ok game...


You managed to make a girly game, and I like the main idea, its pretty original. sweet graphics too. For a simple game its a good one, but I would enjoy it more if the gameplay was longer and more sophisticated\interesting.

It seemed intresting