Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"

Cute, so sweet it gave me cavities!

Loved this game, so very sweet and cute, sigh, if only finding a guy was this easy!! loved the idea of achievement system as well thx :D

its easy and cute

i added this game to m,y faves

Cool concept, not the usual.

I think it would be nice if there were more to it than collecting items and matching desired physique. And it would be easier to navigate/ see if the screen was a larger size.

Simple and Enjoyable

I like the use of achievements. There's a lot of different ways to beat it, which I liked as well.

Simple but Enjoyable and Addictive

It was a very simple game, but extremely enjoyable, I think the man of your dreams should always show up at the beginning so you can have a better chance of getting five stars of happiness with him, it was entertaining however thats for sure, and I spent a long time just trying too get all of the achievements, which was fun