Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"

Haha nice!

Rofl I'm so pro, that I dated Jesus for 32 years XD


i tink all nerdook games are awesome!!

Weird in a good way,

Awesome, fun little game. On my third try, I got my dream guy, but he was annoying and a couch potato.


I would actually love a bigger version of this game. like, longer or with more achievements as i have already completed all of it :P

i love the way the girl appears to pick the guy up xD it reminds me a bit of guitar hero how the screen is always moving back aswell :S

loved the graphics and the idea of the game. the only thing i can pick on really is that it isnt long enough, but it was meant as a mini game?

some of the names are hilarious, and the traits you find out are good too. i had a loving family man who turned out to be a murderer, go figure :P



My bf was called jesus and he was an alcoholic :P