Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"

Great idea, awesome presentation

Guy of My Dreams is fun and has lots of replay value. I liked how when you got achievements, you unlocked different clothes to wear. I think you should make a version for guys, even if most differences would just be asthetic. If you do make one, I recommend making some girls have a chance of not becoming your couple. But ideas for this game: Some men might try to get to you, and usually they would look nothing like your dream guy, so you have to avoid them.

actually entertaining

I was expecting a sim thing but it's actually like an engaged game where you actually control lol. It's surprisingly fun and very cute! I got the dream guy Bobby for32 years woot lol. dating nobody+ 5 stars achievement is hard. definitely a favorite =)

Pretty fun

I found Jesus and stayed with him for 24 years! Haha
Almost killed him a few times though.

cute :P

i wanna see a version for the fellas if you dont mind?

Adorable, but...

But seriously, I thought this game was absolutely adorable. The graphics are cute, the girl is cute, the idea of trying to find happiness is cute, and it's just plain CUTE. My only miniscule complaint is that it's next to impossible to find the guy of your dreams, and even then he could turn out to be a horny murderer. But if you find a guy who has great traits, even if he looks the exact opposite of your dream guy, you can still get by with a lot of happiness points. Maybe that's like a life lesson? Like, don't set your standards on looks too high, because the guy of your dreams might be in the last place you'd expect to find him? Yes? No?

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