Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"


well that was a load of shit


weird game, but i kinda like.

Verry addicting and relaxing

Kinda felt like i could pick up and throw away men which isn't very nice concidering when guys do that to women they get their butts kicked. Then again its a game, a very fun slightly brainless game. A good time passer!

Good for breaks

This is a rather relaxing game that can be played in between breaks. I have a few suggestions to make
1) Learning something new about the boyfriend can be nice but maybe add in something like, 20% chance of getting married after the 4th year or something and then maybe learning something more about the husband. (More + / - happiness points)
2) Maybe after the 4th year of marriage, there can be a child or something? (Bonus Happiness points)
3) Bumping into a girl when married can cause affairs or something like that? ( Major - happiness points)
4) Eating too much chocolate causes weight/health issues for the girl? (- Happiness points)
5) Add in promotions/demotions during career as well?
6) Add in some random events good and bad.

"Click the left mouse button to dump Joe"

I didn't like it :I... It's like... Taking happiness, sadness, love, grief, and jealousy, and making them all points in a collect game 0_0 You know what I mean?

Although, there is one thing that doesn't make me "-_-" about this game... It sure puts life into perspective, doesn't it...? It's all just one big way to get happy, even though it always ends in tragedy...