Reviews for "Guy of My Dreams"

Very fun!

Very fun game!
Got all achievments and a score of 1207!
The only thing weird here... why would a woman give you roses and diamonds? Is not the other way around?
This game is great... even though is a time killer more than anything, but great! xD


My guy was totally horny. :3

That was fun

Make a sequel!!!
There should be more acheivements and more customization options for your character. Also, there should be a way to date the girl.

Pretty fun

Pretty fun, and yes, it is a little "girlier" than the other games on here. But creative, original, and good. One thing I'd suggest is maybe the achievements from one game somehow "improving" the girl's performance when you play the game again.

Found it very fun

Played this so many times to get 984 as my highest :[ also the guy of my dreams was a murderer. Somehow, I don't think that would happen (: good game anyway.