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Suzukisan! (Fanimutation)

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Author Comments

What's this formation? Imakuni?! Kobayashi?!! Raymond?!!! (me) Such a strange combination! Who are we, A Super-unit Sensation! SUZUKISAN!!! It's Showtime!

This Fanimutation is actually 2 flash movies in one. First there's the Preloader, which is an Animutation done to a techno beat, then when it's finished loading, you can play the real flash movie.

Update: 2-29-04
Now there are audio credits at the end, so you can stop sending me those "What's the preloader song" questions.

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oh god the Preloader animation is a blast from the past

12 years ago today I saw this flash on Newgrounds and had my little boy mind blown away by this.

I saw this ten years ago and it was the best thing ever. It made my years at university very bearable.

Ten years on I see this and it fill me with such joy and nostalgia.

It's a very well done piece of Animutation, very well structured and very pleasurable to watch. Even now in 2015 we get the cultural references and the joke about the piece.

You, sir, should be proud of yourself. You've clearly put a lot of work into this and I love you for it.

Now THIS is a blast from my past! Heh heh.
Good, wholesome madness for everyone