Reviews for "Suzukisan! (Fanimutation)"


That was awesome! I can't stop laughing at this! Especially with the "evil auntie" part! SHEER ACID!! But one question, who is this Eeckel guy? Anyways, good job!


I'm dead hier. "i'm a gay mouse" I almost die without air.

I love animutation!

Hahahaha! That was a great one, what! Oh man you pulled it off really nice! You're both in my favorite submissions and author's lists now, what what! Most people who try for animutation fail miserably, and the mini one wasn't too impressive, but hah! I loved it! Make more man, and feel free to contact me sometime!
sai_skunk for yahoo, thomas_gst for hotmail.
Again, just great!


This has been a favorite of mine for a while now and I have only recently gotten around to commenting on it. I rather enjoyed this one. A very good natured romp all around!


this is one of my fave flash. u should make more of dis stuffs