Reviews for "Suzukisan! (Fanimutation)"


i loved it. you are the king of the fanimutation. great inside jokes too. i cnt think of anything u need to improve really, maybe the image quality buh that about it.

ps i would make my own but i have no idea how to use flash wish i could :(

(makes happy noise)

You raise the bar for fanimutators everywhere!

One of the best I've seen so far...

There's a lot going on here, even for an animutation. The DVD style features are cool and it was just good all around.
IQ sufficiently lowered, me happy :)


that was wrong on soooo many levels...but it was still pretty good

Love it!

That preloader music is also an Unreal Tournament map music, but I have no idea where the maker got it from

Dwedit responds:

It's a common .s3m file floating around called Aryx. It came with Modplug when I downloaded it. I just shortened it and converted it to .mp3 format for the flash movie.