Reviews for "Suzukisan! (Fanimutation)"

Very random

Well this was very random, but i did get some laughs out of it all the differant jpegs were amusing and made me laugh and chuckle throughout the film, so overall its not a bad choice way to go, its not amazing but could be toned down on the flashy effects

Try and tone down the flashy style abit, that could have some better end results for this


i loved it!!!

monica ... o! im a gay mouse!!! evil auntie kill the hip daddy!!! great job, catchy song too lol

Somewhat nice.

It was actually pretty sensible considering in the beginning but then got crazy soon after but i still got some chuckles from the randomness,for some reason though i can tell a fan did this flash so it wasn't quite as crazy as the originals,nice job though. =)

Random and slutty

There's a sleaziness hidden in all that misunderstood and mistranslated Japanese. hahahahaha What a stupid and perv song.


This was the first animutation I ever saw. I remember seeing it, and noticing how it was unbelievably preposterous AND I LOVED IT!!! I mean, you have to admit, a lot of it is pretty creative, plus it's great to see all these pop culture icons in one place! The song itself is great. I had no idea it was about pokemon. I thought it was a love song! It is sad because I don't see many animutations on Newgrounds anymore. Why don't you make more? You're a great flash artist and I want to see some modern animutations from peole from you!